Granada Perfume Museum

A perfume museum has opened in a 17th-century Renaissance palace in Granada.

As the palace historically had a laboratory dedicated to perfume making, essential oil extraction and ceramics, it makes perfect scents.

Now the opulent building is open to visitors who wish to discover the techniques used in creating the fragrances.

A 45-minute guided tour of Patio de los Perfumes is available from 10am to 8pm during which visitors can view perfume exhibitions. There are also workshops for those who would like to create their own unique scent, run under the guidance of a professional perfume maker.

Ethnobotanist and perfumier Christian Pamies and natural cosmetics specialist Valérie Sabini, both from France, are the brains behind the new olfactory opportunity.

You can add this visit to any holiday guided or self-guided walking holiday in the Sierra Nevada and Las Alpujarras.

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